It’s been a while since my last personal project, so it’s time to announce new one, big one. Making fancy renders and separate props is fun, but if they can make a whole new world all together, what’s the reasons not to do it?

There is few more reasons – to get more understanding  how game logic work, train skills in lighting and composure as well as model bunch of assets I never do for myself.  And I start missing hard-surface modelling as well =) On of the most inspirations was Sinqnew twitch channel, I following him for an over year already and can recommend to anyone who interested in entertainment CG and game related stream, check it up! =) Main goal – make everything possible by myself till the point where more advanced fx and logic will be required to mak world fills live. Any good-enough quality assets will be available to purchase and reuse for other people projects as well.

Few words about project itself, lore and setting style:

  • Time of action –  unknown far future
  • Scene – STG-Z solar system, large solar system at the borger of the galaxy. Young and active system – over 20 planets in total, 11 objects at possible circumstellar habitable zone. Most of them have humanoid forms of life.

Player starts at one of systems gas giant moons – wasted dwarf planet with no atmosphere. Main feature of this moon – stable orbit whicl allow observe all of 11 habitat worlds most of the time (what’s why it’s called Stargaze-11). Human race build here at one of the large craters scine station – to explore and observe this system and her forms of life. But no science project cannot live forever just from donation. After almost a hundred year sisnce launch base was expanded to two closest crates and tourist center was opened. Today it’s entertainment – people pay to be albe to visit foreign tribal people. For this few platforms were build right at the most attractive planets places and hided using cloaking device. Some of the system intelligent beings was invited to help explore thier world and nations, so player can meet them at science section of the base.

  • Style – hi-tech sci-fi. No vent and pipes corridors, a lot of nature integrated in concrete buildings and bunch of mechanical robots to help kees station running. A lot of clean places with holoscreens etc. A bit of cyberpunk for maintaince things.

As starting pint I choosed science lab crater, then slowly expand base up to other part as well as start making small chunks of worlds you can visit. Main concept – Times Garden by Sylvain Sarrailh, for robots – something like RoboRecall. Here is rough layout how it’s gonna looks – science lab itself as few tall buildings with observatory, large garden at the middle, scientist houses at the perimeter of the garden, meintanance buildings and the defence wall.

To keep moon base in secret and do not influence observed worlds teleportation device is used. It requires a lot of power for work, so rigth at the middle, underneath garden there is a engine with super-cool awesome blinking and moving power core =)

Since I’ve started working on Warhold game I got tonns a new information anout Unreal Engine 4 and definitely there was no choice which engine to pick for this project. To be able to this project working at long distance first of all I had to start from basics and expand it to more complex things, so there will be no needs to remake everything later.

Currently I’m working on master Unreal assets like base materials and concept shapes. Foliage material is already done and there will be a breakdown soon, stay tuned.

For moving between worlds I’ve made a simple blueprint which allows you to choose where to teleport wich random loading screen and etc. It works for myself, but didnt work for multiple users. I have to make it works and add few additional reafures to make more possible uses, then – breakdown.

When I’ll get how to add multiplayer to this projects I’ll test it and try to launch project somewhere online. May be youtube videos with explanation how it works and how to use it in your projects. No twitch streams at least at start.

Upcoming features:

  • Finish portals teleportation logic
  • Dynamic master terrain material
  • Paintable dunamic material for moon landscape
  • Crater hightmaps in world machine.
  • Research how to make space sky in Blender and how to apply it in UE4.
  • Discord channel for any interested.

That’s it for beginning. It wont be fast project. It will be a long one and if everything goes well it might become a playable game one day =)

Plaese comment any ideas and thought right here in the comments (I hope they work and will not break soon) and folow me on twitter for news (link at the bottom of the page).

Thank you for your time, my lovely visitor! <3

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